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Investment firm

Meitav Dash is a leading and largest Investment house in Israel. With decades of experience, led by Mr. Ilan Raviv with the help of approximately 1,000 devoted and dedicated employees. Meitav Dash is a publicly-traded company, and the BRM Group along with Mr. Zvi Stepak owns a majority stake in it.

Meitav Dash manages over 44 Billion Dollars for private, business, and institutional clients. The clients have access to a full array of savings and investment products and professional services, including Private and Institutional Portfolio Management, Mutual and Provident Fund Management, as well as Institutional and Retail Brokerage and Investment Banking.

Meitav Dash's unparalleled commitment to servicing their clients together with our cutting-edge market research tools has earned a reputation as being one of Israel's finest and most respected investment houses. Meitav Dash's professionalism and proven track record in Israel and abroad have made Meitav Dash a true industry leader.


David Elalouf

Head of Alternative Investments - MEITAV DASH

Mr. David Elalouf is a finance and technology entrepreneur with quantitative and strategic skills and a proven track record of over 20 years. He heads Meitav-Dash's alternative investments and innovation unit. He also serves as the chairman of Meitav Dash's mutual funds and ETFs - the largest mutual fund company in Israel, with over $17 billion AUM in 290 mutual funds and ETFs. Mr. Elalouf also serves as Head of Trading Risk Committee and senior advisor to the management of eToro: a multi-billion USD company that specializes in social and cryptocurrency investment platforms. Prior to his involvement at Meitav Dash, Mr. Elalouf founded and led Tachlit - a company that specializes in index investment, and led the company to a market share of 25% in Israel through its merger with Meitav. He is also a former CEO and partner at MDG – at the time one of the largest derivatives investment groups in Israel. Mr. Elalouf holds a B.A. in Business Management from Netanya Academic College.

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Our Funds

Our sole purpose is to put money in the hands of responsible producers.

Under the leadership of our key partner MEITAV DASH INVESTMENTS LTD and with 40 years of experience in the field of finance, New Legend Funds have been established to help you find creative financial solutions to the challenges of the filmmaking process and ultimately, reach your audience around the world.